Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gone Vegan!

These days we are Vegan at our house, though Rex is slower to join us, he said he'd like to go Vegan in July! :D Yeahy! :D Right now he still eats meat, but is coming around to our way of thinking, with no pressure from me I have to say. I think it helps that the cook book I use is so awesome, it makes Vegan food really delicious and you certainly don't feel like you are missing anything!

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Niecey said...

Oh good, I'll have to watch this blog too then. Lana and I are vegetarian, we haven't done vegan although morally I'd like to, but really we get a lot of our protein from dairy still so I'm not ready to cut it out. I cook vegi meals so Kaya and Rene and Zoe are veggie when they're at home, but if we ever go out for a meal they eat enough animals to compensate.
Anyway I'll watch this with interest for meal ideas!